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My Mission

My mission is to share my struggles with mental health, to be an inspiration to others, and share the redemptive love of Jesus Christ.

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Prophecy has long foretold the end of the world. As humanity’s final years begin, few suspect the end is a man. 

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About Me

I grew up in a small, quiet town in upstate New York just outside of Syracuse. My family attended church every time the doors were open, and I even went to a private, Christian school. I gave my heart and life to Jesus Christ when I was six years old, so faith was always a big part of my upbringing but at the same time, there was an internal darkness that was germinating.

I discovered early on that I had a passion for writing. I would write short stories, and even screenplays for me and my friend’s home videos. While I embraced my passion for writing, and lived a life of Christian faith, that darkness that I had been ignoring, continued to grow and would eventually consume me.

After I graduated from high school, instead of properly dealing with my deteriorating mental health, I turned my back on God and all that I was taught. I embarked on a path of self-destruction and wanton excess. But God…  

Despite my rebellion, He mercifully brought me to the end of myself and prompted me to get the help I needed. Even though He’s forgiven me for my sins and bad choices, to this day I am continually haunted by the consequences of my formerly debauched life—a life I could’ve avoided if I’d taken my mental health seriously from the beginning.

This is why I am so passionate about helping others who suffer with mental health, who, like I once did, pretend it doesn’t exist, or hope it simply goes away on its own.


To best share my story, I've documented my journey through a series of videos. I hope you find them helpful, and maybe even entertaining.


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I want to help you on your path of growth and recovery. I hope the resources below help start you on your journey.

Spiritual Growth

Without my faith I'm certain I woudnt be here today. I encourage you to seek your own personal relationship with Him.

Mental Health

Dont suffer in silence, and dont suffer alone. It's ok to talk to someone. Do it today.


Even the most well intentioned person can haunted by addiction. Dont let your life be controlled by those demons.

Latest Videos

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